A Year With Frog and Toad – CSOPA Mainstage 2012

This year our daughter Avianna had the privilege of performing in “A Year With Frog and Toad” presented by the Mainstage Musical Theatre Program of the Chilliwack School of Performing Arts. Which took place January 2012 at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. Here is a link to the press release from our local paper.

Avianna was a squirrel and won this years new “Rookie of the Year Award” – which was really quite an honor.  It was a phenomenal experience not just for her – but for our whole family – to be involved, to volunteer and work along side of some truly talented individuals. Not just the amazing staff: Director Andrew Smith; Choreographer Shelley Wojcik; Musical Director Chris King; Stage Manager Steffi Munshaw; Set Design Kate Whyte; Costume Design Heather Westergard; Lighting Design Jamea Lister. But all the family and friends that came out and poured thousands of hours into making it a huge success. I have to admit – it was a big learning curve the whole way through. The students began rehearsals in September – I became the volunteer publicity coordinator for the show and started that job in October. Coby and I both, as well as the kids got involved in the stage craft side of things in December and stayed pretty close by the whole way through the process of staging, show time and set strike and clean up until near the end of January. It was an amazing first year! Thank you to everyone involved – for a fabulous first CSOPA experience for our family of a mainstage production!

I made up some collages for our kids for their journals for school of some the the images I took. I took many more – some of which can be seen on the “Mainstage” media section on the CSOPA website Here along side images taken by Andrew Smith. :)

Again… Thank you to everyone involved – for a fabulous first CSOPA experience for our family of a Mainstage Production with CSOPA! And to everyone else – I cannot tell you how much of a positive impact getting involved with this local Community Organization has been on our family – check out who CSOPA is: http://csopa.ca/about-csopa and what they do – how you can get involved!

  1. Tracy Thengs posted the following on April 4, 2012 at 3:02 pm.

    What great pics!!!! What an awesome experience for Avianna ( for the whole family ) . We absolutely enjoyed the show and could see how much time and effort was made by all. Thank you for sharing with us!!!!!!

    Gramma Tracy and Clarence xoxo

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