Things that warm my heart and make me smile…

a good cup of coffee.

the warmth of a newborn resting in one’s arms.

watching clouds pass overhead, changing shape.

breaking the soil after a long winter.

the innocence of a toddler reeling in laughter.

running in a summer rain.

listening to a child learn to play piano.

gingersnaps fresh from the oven.

a warm breeze late at night.

a fresh breath of forest air at sunrise.

the smell of fresh laundry put out on the line…

Capturing the beauty in everyday life – this is what excites me about lifting a camera to my eyes and peering through the lens. We live in such a beautiful part of the world. Photography gave me a way of connecting with the natural beauty in everyday life as I started with macros and landscapes. My children came along and I discovered my real passion for capturing a very different kind of beauty, the kind you witness in a child free to be themselves and the kind that you find in a family that is close and genuinely loving.  I’m amazed by the uniqueness of each family, infant or child – I love to see people honestly, however that looks.  Through my art, I seek to find beautiful ways of portraying people as they really are.

In describing my photography style, two words come to mind: honest and natural. I am fascinated by the story behind every face, every embrace, the real story. Whether in my studio, at the beach, or in the great outdoors, your moments become memories to be cherished, shared and passed on. Images come to life in the editing process where I can go between vintage and fresh to edgy and modern.

I work throughout the Fraser Valley and surrounding areas. While I primarily work on location with natural light, I also have a studio and have done some commercial work in our area.

My clients are families and individuals who understand the importance of cherishing each other. I say this because custom portrait photography is an investment.  However, my clients understand that investing in ones family this way will never be regretted down the road. Our lives, our histories are worth remembering and my clients come to me to help them do that in an artistic, unique way. They value my experience, expertise, and skill as an artist.