Posted on June 18, 2012

Celia had me over to meet her new sister Lily. She sure was happy to see me, first she showed me her baby… then her new sister. :)

Lily – kept quiet and peaceful – sleeping for a few pictures.

While I was taking pictures of Lily, Celia and Daddy were having a snack together on the couch.

Then when Celia was done, she came and joined in the fun. :)

Celia sure does love her new sister Lily.

Just as Mommy and Daddy do.

Welcome into the world Lily. Congratulations to you all.

Ian & Miranda and Celia

Posted on March 19, 2012

(One more blog catch up post from 2011)

We got together to grab a couple images for family Christmas cards … you may remember I have had the privilege of photographing this family

a few times before. :) I have always been appreciated and valued as an artist by Miranda and Ian, and it has been an honor to be trusted to capture these fleeting moments in their life.

The Engagement Shoot:

The Wedding:

Baby Love:


Mommy, Daddy, Celia and …

Such Sweethearts!

Posted on March 6, 2012

Jordyn brought her little brother Tanner for his first photograph. We had a good time. They are such sweethearts. :)

Introducing … Esme Olivia & Tiago Ethan :) and Mommy and Daddy

Posted on September 21, 2010

I was looking forward to meeting you two! So proud of your mommy and daddy and the big commitment and sacrifices they make for our country! :)

Knit toques by Kimberly Francis – The AMAZING! :) I have adored her work for many a years!

Cookies and Milk…. and Mommy and Daddy

Posted on September 13, 2010

So the other day my auntie Alanna came over… she brought her camera because she was going to take pictures of moms belly. Mommy has a baby in there.

We decided to make cookies first… man I love cookies. We had so much fun. I added flour and vanilla and oats. I told mom where to place the cookie dough… and I tasted it… I had to try some… and some more … it was SO good. :)

While the cookies were in the oven, we decide to read a book… I love reading books.

I didn’t know what to do after the book, but auntie Alanna still followed me around… she thinks I am a sweetheart.

Then Dad and I played … I sure love my dad. He works hard for us.

When the cookies were done we sat down and had a snack together.

Then Daddy went to work… and it was time for mommies maternity session….

… we decided to play instead. :) But mommy thought that was OK… because soon I am going to have a baby brother or sister and mommy wants us to remember this special time in my life… when it was just us. :) Mommy loves me so much …. I love mommy so much too.

Happy second birthday Ethan! I still haven’t posted from your first party… so here is a few special memories from last year. You sure have grown. :)


Posted on August 7, 2010

Meeting this little one for the first time was such an honor.

Resting here on some of Grandma and Grandpa’s Wool from Joybilee Farm

And posing in a Sweet Pea Hat I won from “The Nest Baby Boutique” owned by Indianapolis Children’s Photographer, Dawnn Wiesinger of The Picket Fence. Check out her work and her store HERE

Miranda’s BlessingWay

Posted on August 4, 2010

It was such a beautiful evening.┬áThe first time I had ever attended a Blessing Way. I guess there are many ways to have them or activities to do. Miranda’s Blesssing Way was such a special evening between woman… we shared stories of our first memory with her, what stood out as a strong attribute about her. We gave her a word of encouragement or pray written down for her and one for her baby. We washed her feet and massaged them after they soaked in a herb bath – we had all brought a herb for it from our gardens. We each brought a flower from our garden too, to create a bouquet for her. Made her a necklace of special beads we had collected. We sung her a song. Braided her hair. Made her a flower wreath, some of the ladies even painted her belly with henna. Words do not do justice to the way in which the evening went … the feeling that was there.

What it was was an evening devoted to building her up, encouraging her on her journey into birth and supporting her at a time when she may have felt scared or unsure of what lied ahead. A beautiful way to encourage and support a woman as she makes the transition into motherhood. I think something we should do more of in our Canadian culture.