Hornby Photography Retreat 2012

Well with less than 48hrs until I head out for the 3rd Annual Hornby Photographers retreat… I realized I still haven’t blogged about last years retreat.. I really am behind on my blogging…. time to start catching up…

Back in 2011 a group of friends from a photography forum I belonged to at the time decided to get together and bring along other photographer friends for a west coast retreat. All of us lived fairly close, either on the Island, in Vancouver or based out of the Fraser Valley, but, we all went to stay for three days on Hornby near our friend and fellow photographer friend Jennifer Armstrong. It was a time of relaxation and connection, good food and of course – photography. I blogged about the group of ladies I went with Here, and then Day One, Day Two and Day Three. Then last year we all went back … this time we invited Rose of Simply Rose Photography to join us – and she did. She blogged about it right after – here is Part One and Part Two of her memories. I am adding them as I feel last year was a bit of a blur really for me. At the time I was preparing for an annual event I coordinate each year in April and editing pictures from a wedding – so I had even packed along my iMac and edited while I was there. Needless to say I did not get the full relaxation and enjoyment I had the year previously… it felt like my time there went by so fast. So… I am especially looking forward to this year – no iMac in tow. :) Sadly, only 4 of us from the original group are able to attend this year – and I will miss the ladies who cannot make it – but we do have an amazing bunch of photographers coming – some of whom who are coming to join us from Calgary and Williams Lake.

Here are a few images from my memories of Hornby Photographers Retreat 2012.

We visited a beautiful neighboring beach – just to explore on day one… I found my ocean front dream home…with a living roof.

We then went to see a local potter’s work … with a stunning outdoor display.

The next day we visited  Helliwell Provincal Park for Rose to put a note in a bottle and throw it into the ocean – one of the 101 in 1001 challenges she plans on crossing off her list. You can read more about it Here on Roses blog, or Here on Emily’s blog post Liberty Tree Photography.

… walking back through the forest I found an Emily Tree.

We later visited Middle Mountain Mead for a ‘Mead’ tasting – it was divine.

Can’t wait to see what we will do this year and what memories will be made.

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