Miranda’s BlessingWay

It was such a beautiful evening.┬áThe first time I had ever attended a Blessing Way. I guess there are many ways to have them or activities to do. Miranda’s Blesssing Way was such a special evening between woman… we shared stories of our first memory with her, what stood out as a strong attribute about her. We gave her a word of encouragement or pray written down for her and one for her baby. We washed her feet and massaged them after they soaked in a herb bath – we had all brought a herb for it from our gardens. We each brought a flower from our garden too, to create a bouquet for her. Made her a necklace of special beads we had collected. We sung her a song. Braided her hair. Made her a flower wreath, some of the ladies even painted her belly with henna. Words do not do justice to the way in which the evening went … the feeling that was there.

What it was was an evening devoted to building her up, encouraging her on her journey into birth and supporting her at a time when she may have felt scared or unsure of what lied ahead. A beautiful way to encourage and support a woman as she makes the transition into motherhood. I think something we should do more of in our Canadian culture.

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