Hello, and welcome to my photography blogsite – I’m Alanna Clempson, lifestyle photographer specializing in custom portraiture and commercial photography. I hope you’ll take your time and stay awhile….this is where I share images from my latest sessions, both professional and personal. I also love to share the beauty of this region throughout the seasons, so keep coming back to see what’s new! Browse around and you can also find more about me, the artist or see a collection of my work. Feel free to leave comments, too! I hope you love what you see and contact me soon – I’d love the chance to capture the everyday beauty in your life.

Ian & Miranda and Celia

(One more blog catch up post from 2011)

We got together to grab a couple images for family Christmas cards … you may remember I have had the privilege of photographing this family

a few times before. :) I have always been appreciated and valued as an artist by Miranda and Ian, and it has been an honor to be trusted to capture these fleeting moments in their life.

The Engagement Shoot:


The Wedding:



Baby Love:




Mommy, Daddy, Celia and …

Such Sweethearts!

Jordyn brought her little brother Tanner for his first photograph. We had a good time. They are such sweethearts. :)

Fun on the Farm with Luke

As some of you may remember I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful little boy named Luke, and his family back in October 2009 and again when we stopped into visit him at the hospital not long after. Luke was in the midst of a battle for his life  – one that he is winning today. And excerpt from his blog for family and friends…

“Luke was diagnosed with Philadelphia Chromosome Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ph+ ALL) on October 2nd, 2008.  He was 16 months old.  Luke is now 4 1/2.  He completed his 3 yr protocol in September of this year.  Luke’s cancer level as of Nov, 2011, was still detectable.  Luke continues on a drug targeted at the PH+ which we hope and pray will keep the cancer at bay or better yet make it disappear.”

I am so grateful for the  privilege of meeting him and his family – so blessed to be able to watch him grow up and see how much he changed since we first met. I am exited for him that he now knows full fun days without the pain and burdens of cancer treatments and hospitals. That he is able to enjoy God’s creation – to get outside and play with his friend and family. The following pictures are from a special day in the fall when we went to the Apple Barn together on a filed trip and I was able to capture a few images of Luke dong just that.

If you are the praying kind – I ask you to continue to pray for this beautiful boy and his family – that they will have many more days, weeks, months and years TOGETHER like this one.

The Hergott Family –

I have more than a little blog catching up to do… I ‘ll start here.

I loved every moment of our shoot this warm summer day last August – we had such a fantastic time – it was beautiful light and an opportunity to capture something I had never had a chance to before – haying.

Merry Christmas 2011

… and best wishes for a very happy, healthy and fruitful new year.
From our family to yours. xoxo

The Top Ten

The Top Ten – you know, we all have them – the people in our lives – who by their actions, their love and support or solely by their example – they help make you who you are – the best of you. And not because you see them day in, day out, like your immediate family – maybe you don’t even see them all that much – but when you do – everything is as it has always been – there are no barriers – you see them and they see you. For me, Rob and Kim are those people – they are in my top ten. I have known them for “many moons” as they say and they have seen my through all the stages of my life – and loved me through all of them, unconditionally. These images are extra special – they are for me. :)

Laura’s Alice in Wonderland – Vintage 50’s themed shoot

and in her debut photo shoot: Cinnamon Diamond Clempson (Cinny Binny – our bunny) :)

Every detail for this session was creatively made/thought of by Laura to help showcase the Alice in Wonderland/Vintage 50’s themed dress she made for her project in the fashion design program at UFV.  With creativity abounding – time together with Laura is always well spent, interesting and enjoyable. The headband featured in the shoot is Laura’s design as well – if you are interested in purchasing a unique hand crafted mold-able headband for your own – you can contact Laura at: otherannadesigns@gmail.com    Our girls love theirs!

All images were captured on location at the always stunning Minter Gardens

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Our Homegrown Fruit is Ripening :)

One of the things I love to do is spend time in the garden. We have been working on our gardens for years and specifically with our fruit trees and berries we are finally starting to see the “fruits of our labor”. Here are some of the beautiful fruit we have grown at home this season. I will post again soon on our recent project of converting our front yard into another veggie garden. :)

Sneak Peek for Laura

I had the privileged of working again with Laura on another creative project recently – a Alice in Wonderland/vintage 50’s themed shoot – is is a sneak peek of what is soon to come.

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Madison’s Grad

It sure has been hard trying to blog this session – hard to pick out my favorites – there were so many! :)

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