Steven and Vinay’s Wedding Photobooth

I love to co shoot for Rose of Simply Rose Photography … I while back I had the privilege to do so at Nick and Shannon’s Wedding – a total blast – some of my images later made it into the uber popular wedding blog, Rock and Roll Bride with Roses work HERE. This time I had the privilege of co shooting at Steven and Vinay’s Wedding and setting up my own photobooth at the reception. It was an absolute privilege to be present that day, Steven is also my close friend Emily’s brother – it was great getting to know her/their extended family better and meeting their new in law’s that day. It was a eye opening experience for me to be present and capture these precious moments for these two men. It was the first same sex wedding I have not only been to, but hired to capture memories for. Steven, Vinay and the entire wedding party were some of the easiest most enjoyable people to follow and capture on a wedding day, to date. The love and support network they have in family and friends was inspiring. The venues, event details and decorating (WISH Events) were stunning. We started in Yale Town at The Round House, then moving through David Lam Park and the seawall, moving to Queen Elizabeth Park and the Celebration Pavilion for family formals and the Ceremony, arriving at the University Golf Club for the reception and the photobooth – tonnes of laughs – a few new personal photobooth fav’s for me below. Thank you for hiring me for your special day Steven and Vinay – an absolute privilege.

  1. Emily Hoskins posted the following on May 24, 2012 at 11:34 pm.

    So much fun!! I’m sooo glad you were there! You got some amazing shots. What a super fun way to remember the guests!

  2. Des Smock posted the following on June 27, 2012 at 9:03 pm.

    Best.photobooth.ever. Love these, Alanna! Miss you!

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